The Exchange by John Grisham

Series: The Firm, book 2Description: In this explosive sequel to The Firm, Mitch, a partner at the largest law firm in the world, is asked for a favor by a mentor in Rome that plunges him into a sinister plot that has global implications and once against places everyone he holds dear in danger.Genre: Thrillers and suspense; Legal thrillersPace: Fast-pacedTone: Suspenseful Booklist: Read more

Canary Girls – Jennifer Chiaverini

Canary girls (Aug 2023)Author: Chiaverini, JenniferAdult FictionDescription: During World War I, April Tipton, a nineteen-year-old former maid takes a job at Thornshire Arsenal filling shells where she befriends the wife of a star footballer and the decides to join the ladies’ football club.Genre: Historical fictionThemes: Life during wartimeCharacter: CourageousStoryline: Character-drivenPace: Fast-pacedTone: Strong sense of place; Dramatic; SuspensefulWriting Style: Compelling; Descriptive; Richly Read more

Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

Fourth wing (May 2023)Author: Yarros, RebeccaAdult FictionSeries: Empyrean, 1Description: Twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant, living a quiet life among books and history. Now, the commanding general—also known as her tough-as-talons mother—has ordered Violet to join the hundreds of candidates striving to become the elite of Navarre: dragon riders. But when you’re smaller Read more

The Paris Assignment – Rhys Bowen

The Paris assignment (Aug 2023) Author: Bowen, Rhys Adult Fiction Description: After the death of her son, Madeleine accepts a request from the ministry to aid in the war effort and, returning to France, confronts the devastation of WWII as she fights to take down the Nazis, find her husband and ultimately survive against inconceivable odds.Genre: Historical fiction Find the book on Encore and reserve your copy to Read more

Zero Day – David Baldacci

John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigative Division. His father was an Army fighting legend, and his brother is serving a life sentence for treason in a federal military prison. Puller has an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth. Now, Puller Read more

Cross Down – James Patterson

For the first time, John Sampson is on his own. The brilliant crime-solving duo of Washington, DC’s, Metro PD and the FBI has a proven MO: Detective Alex Cross makes his own rules. Detective John Sampson enforces them. When military-style attacks erupt, brutally sidelining Cross, Sampson is sent reeling. The patterns are too random–Sampson’s friend, Read more

Fire Strike – Mike Maden

When Cabrillo is hired to extract an undercover operative in Kenya, he finds himself on the trail of a deadly international plot. A Saudi Prince seeks to unleash a deadly assault on U.S. forces, sparking a new war in the Middle East and ultimately destroying Israel. Cabrillo’s crew have met their most fearsome adversaries yet: Read more

Obsessed – James Patterson

Aboard a police boat on the Hudson River, Detective Michael Bennett casts a wary eye into the cold, rough water. NYPD is searching for a murder victim–a young college student. They find her tossed in the dark waves, dressed for a night out in a sparkly black gown. The gruesome sight fills Bennett with the Read more